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Eat Better in a Fast-Food Restaurant

We have 8 general tips for eating better in a fast-food restaurant. Suggesting that you avoid these establishments isn’t realistic. We think it makes more sense to recognize that you have your favorites, while  we arm you with a few tried-and-true pointers.  

It’s usually best to adopt these suggestions over time. Tweak your habits here and there, so you ultimately make important, long-lasting changes.  

1. Drink water. You knock out a bunch of calories by avoiding soda, flavored coffees, milkshakes, and alcoholic beverages.

2. Don’t supersize or order anything extra-, double- or triple-sized.

3. Don’t add salt. Many fast-food menu items already have a lot of sodium.

4. Skip buffets. We all have a tendency to eat way more when given an empty plate with mounds of food at our hungry fingertips.

5. Special order and/or demonstrate restraint to limit or eliminate sauces, dressings, gravy, and condiments—such as mayo and ketchup—that are often super high in empty calories.

 6. Go for grilled foods or salads with oil and vinegar-based dressings instead of fried options.

7. For dessert have yogurt, fruit or a sugar-free Lifesaver, or skip it.

8. Be thoughtful. Always study the menu as if you’re looking at it for the first time, check out the nutrition info that is increasingly available to you in fast-food restaurants, and think “25” when you order.